Plastové/Drevené Chlieb Lame Nástroje Pekáreň Škrabka Nôž na Chlieb/Slicer/Cutter Cesto na Chlieb, pečivo Bodovanie Lame s čepeľou a Kryt 376


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  • Chlieb Nástroje Typ: Chlieb Lame Nástroje
  • Pôvod: CN(Pôvodu)
  • Package: s 5 KS Lamiel a Pokrytie
  • Materiál: Plastové/Drevené Ručné Kovové
  • Funkcia: Skladom
  • pečivo škrabka: Áno
  • Názov Značky: FEBRUÁR.VIETOR
  • Kit Číslo: 1
  • Cesto/Nôž Na Chlieb: Áno
  • Druh: Pečenie & Pečivo Nástroje
  • Pečivo Nástroje Typ: chlieb nástroje
  • Číslo Modelu: BK376
  • Chlieb Bodovanie Lame: Áno
  • Pečenie & Pečivo Nástroje Typ: Pečivo Rezačky
  • Kategória: Pečenie
  • Pečenie Typ: Pečenie/Pečivo Nástroje
  • Vitajte: Dropshipping služby po celom svete k dispozícii!
  • Cesto/Chlieb Slicer: Áno
  • Certifikácia: SGS
  • Cesto/Chlieb Fréza: Áno

Štítky: knive, pečenie chleba, 0 pečenie, fréza cesta, cake decor nástroj, pekáreň časti, plavidlá dreva, formy pre reposteria a pečivo, farba škrabka, pre nôž na chlieb.


I usually get my baking supplies from this store. They are amazing, the lame was good. Still haven't gotten the chance to make sourdough yet, but the paper test was great and easy to handle. There was no damage. Shipping did take long, but that is because of shipping issues to Pakistan, not because of the seller. The seller usually ships your item within 1~2 days. If you have requests, questions, problems, always contact the seller first. They were very helpful in dealing with my questions.
Irisha 09
I bake homemade bread from the beginning of the pandemic, at first I ate a neighbor's dog and sparrows in the feeder, then began to turn out. Bloggers on bread saw different tools for batons, tartins and bread with scallop. The knife does not get a cut, it is washed off. I saw it here. I did. Came quickly, sent quickly, the seller recommend. Shaving in the set and protective caps (simple planting). I'll stove, I'll try how convenient.
Cansu Su 01
Great products, consistent with the description
Uk Tagilstroy
Very good quality. The blades work well and the leather case is very nice. Good design and very useful for making bread cuts
Boran Bjk 1903
Thank you, product came in 3 weeks. I am really happy, that you